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Whatever it is, no matter how big or small, we want to help spread the word on what you've been building and brag about you to everyone. It doesn't have to be a tool that’s a part of your startup — you should share even if it's a side-project that's not for a company!

Yes, all you have to do is press that fun 'I Have An Announcement!' button and fill out the form. The policy is: anything that can be tweeted (announcements, updates, product launches, design changes, hiring or funding shoutouts, etc.) can be turned into free marketing for you!

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DoNotPay 83B Election Form Filing

The holidays have come early for startup founders, employees and investors! Today we added automated 83b election filing to DoNotPay! It works for any company. In 30 seconds, you get: 1. Cover letter. 2. Completed 83b form. 3. Certified Mail Sent (With Return Receipt) to IRS

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Marine Snow

Marine Snow as a company just came out of stealth. Claim your spot on the waitlist now. Apologies for posting a Twitter link; I think all of the info is there though and don’t want to be redundant or lacking.

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We've officially launched Builtfirst in beta!

My name is Aaron, co-founded of Builtfirst. I just recently left as head of partnerships at 500 Startups to launch a new platform. BuiltFirst is a 3-sided platform. We support VCs who want to offer software vendor perks to their portfolio companies. Vendors have a dashboard to post discounted offerings to certain startup segments. Founders can find the best tech for the best price based on factors like location, investment history, employee count etc. It's free for founders and VCs. Sign up and give us feedback!

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Announcing Our $13.5M Series A

Read our CEO Filip’s thoughts on Mati’s mission to power high-trust interactions online.

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Bolt Partners with Authentic Brands Group

Forever 21, Brooks Brothers, and Lucky Brand partner with Bolt, a world-leading technology platform, to power its online checkout experience. Bolt's optimized, single-click checkout capabilities offer the brand's consumers a quick and easy e-commerce payment experience.

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Broken Investor Relations

Investor Relations is broken for startups. Founders don’t have tools to communicate what matters most to their stakeholders. VCs don’t have modern software enabling them to understand the health of their companies. We’re solving this at Quaestor.

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Big DoNotPay Milestone

Month of November; all time high 100,000 new DoNotPay customers, beating every day last month (even on Thanksgiving) by an average of 82%!

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VC Guide

VC Guide: New & Improved Search

Our search on the website was *really* bad, like 'people thought reviews were missing' bad. So hopefully we improved it. Let us know what you think!

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Introducing party bookings to COMBO!

Party bookings make it easy for creators on COMBO to host multiple viewers in a single time slot – perfect for games like Among Us. What was once a 1 to 1 experience, can now be a 1 to many.

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DoNotPay, the AI lawyer for your inbox, now lets you report businesses for tax fraud

New feature just added to DoNotPay: you can now report businesses for fraudulent PPP loans, stealing from the government and cheating on taxes during the pandemic. Under IRS Form 211 (26 U.S.C. §7623) you can get up to 30% of the amount recovered!

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