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H1 Insights

Creating a Healthier Future By Connecting the Dots in Healthcare: H1 Series B

Thrilled to announce Lux's investment in H1 Insights, an AI platform that unlocks innovation via collaboration b/w healthcare stakeholders. H1's $58M Series B (along with IVP & Menlo Ventures) catalyzes their mission to improve human health.

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Curai Health

Khosla-Backed Health AI Startup Raises $27.5 Million To Supercharge Primary Care

Telemedicine makes doctors more accessible, but it doesn’t necessarily make them more productive. Seeing patients remotely still involves a lot of time and data entry into electronic health records. Neal Khosla wants to change that by using artificial intelligence to turbocharge primary care and make telemedicine better for both doctors and patients. “We think that AI can be a superpower, where we can make the cost of care lower,” says Khosla, cofounder of San Francisco-based Curai, which announced a $27.5 million Series B financing round on Wednesday.

Check Out:, the first real-time booking engine for air cargo, raises $42 million in Series B funding as demand for air cargo soars globally, the digital booking platform for air cargo, has raised $42 million in Series B funding following a year of remarkable growth. The news comes just six months after an $18 million Series A funding round and is fueled by growing demand for digital distribution as cost pressures and a capacity crunch hit the air cargo industry.

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Announcing faster, better international wires

We’re excited to let you know about some improvements we’ve made to our international wires. You can now send international wires to 100+ new countries, with greater speed (1-3 days), and without any minimums. We’ve also made international wires free to send for Mercury Tea Room users (they previously cost $20).

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DoNotPay UX updates

We have drastically improved the DoNotPay “cases” section, including free live letter tracking, expected completion dates, other recommended products and a new design.

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Synctera On Mission to Change Banking Landscape, Raises $12.4 Million in Seed Funding

Synctera is launching with $12.4 million in seed funding to connect community banks with emerging financial tech companies. The startup is aiming to reduce risk, ensure compliance, and speed up launches to market for both fintech companies and banks alike.

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Metafy raises $3M in Series Seed Funding, Led by Forerunner

Metafy was started with a straightforward mission: helping incredible players monetize their talent. This mission was driven by both personal experiences and observations of a rapidly growing gaming industry. As a team made up of lifelong competitive players, we’ve witnessed firsthand how difficult it is to make a living in gaming. We’ll be using the funds to continue building a platform that enables the best players in the world to make a living doing the thing they love most; playing games. Today, that’s through 1:1 coaching, but we have a few more things coming down the pipeline in a couple months. We’re empowering gamers with the tools necessary to make a living on their terms.

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We raised $65M to change the culture of the stock market

Fifteen months ago, we launched to reinvent how people experience and invest in the stock market. We pioneered real-time fractional investing, as well as a true social network built upon a stock brokerage. The ability to buy any stock with any amount of money and, in the same place, discuss investments with a diverse community has been core to the growth we’ve captured so far. Today, we’re excited to announce our Series C financing of $65M. The round is led by Sameer at Accel for the third time in a row, who is joining our board, alongside Alison from Greycroft (former VP Marketing at LinkedIn and CMO at Stripe), and Oliver from Lakestar.

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Tive Series. A

Tive is building a hardware and software platform to help track the conditions of a shipment like say food or medicine to make sure it is stored under the proper conditions as it moves from farm or factory to market. Today, we're announcing a $12 million Series A. RRE Ventures led the round with help from new investor Two Sigma Ventures and existing investors NextView Ventures, Hyperplane Ventures, One Way Ventures, Fathom Ventures and other individuals.

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Vise raises $45 million led by Sequoia

We're excited to formally announce our $45M Series B financing led by Sequoia. We’re incredibly excited to partner with Ravi Gupta as he joins our board and helps us continue to scale Vise.

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