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We *love* bragging about founders & startups, and we want to make it easier for everyone to build in public & showcase all of the awesome stuff they're working on.

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Whatever it is, no matter how big or small, we want to help spread the word on what you've been building and brag about you to everyone. It doesn't have to be a tool that’s a part of your startup — you should share even if it's a side-project that's not for a company!

Yes, all you have to do is press that fun 'I Have An Announcement!' button and fill out the form. The policy is: anything that can be tweeted (announcements, updates, product launches, design changes, hiring or funding shoutouts, etc.) can be turned into free marketing for you!

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The world's first cognition coach app is ready to download for free

You can now have a personalized cognition coach in your pocket. Learn scientific micro-habits that help you reach your peak mental performance. Measurably improve 15+ of your core cognitive functions, such as ability to focus, coping with anxiety and many more.

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KINEKT Terminals

KINEKT is piloting a "Dialable" QR Code payment solution in India with the NPCI & Kotak Bank!

KINEKT provides the world’s 1st "Dialable" QR Code payment solution that works ACROSS handsets WITHOUT internet in just 1 or 2 steps. The solution works by tying dialable point of sale codes to traditional QR Codes, thereby enabling owners of low-end handsets to make digital payments simply by dialing a number = simulating a scanned QR Code.

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Nineteen Eighty

Welcome to 1980

We're building a network that's actually social. No more content, likes, and followers, just people and real social interaction. Coming Spring 2021.

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Fairmarkit raises $30 Million Series B led by GGV Capital and Insight Partners

We are ecstatic to share that we’ve raised a $30 million Series B investment round co-led by GGV Capital and Insight Partners, with continued support from 1984 VC, New Stack, and NewFund! As part of this raise, Jeff Richards, Partner at GGV Capital, will be joining our Board of Directors. At just three years old, we’ve attracted customers from across the globe who have turned to us to achieve over 10% cost savings on their purchases, reduce manual efforts by 40%, and enable 100% policy compliance.

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X1 Card

X1 raises $12M

We are pleased to share that we have raised an additional $12M in funding from an incredible group of investors. This new round of funding is led by Spark Capital, an investor in Plaid, Affirm, Slack and Twitter. We will use the capital to accelerate our product development in order to serve a waitlist nearing 300,000 signups.

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Announcing Ironclad’s Series D — Towards a New Standard for Business Contracting

🙌 We’re thrilled and proud to announce that we’ve raised a $100M Series D funding round, in partnership with new investors Bond Capital, who led the round, and Lux Capital.

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Announcing our seed round

We started Stytch to build the future of user infrastructure, starting with authentication, and we’re thrilled to share a milestone on that journey. We raised a $6 million seed round led by Benchmark in the summer of 2020. We’re excited to be working with Chetan Puttagunta, who’s joined our Board of Directors. Index Ventures participated in the round, along with angels including William Hockey, Dylan Field, Mahmoud Abdelkader, Elad Gil, Amber Feng, Lenny Rachitsky, and Jeff Morris Jr. Authentication is a frustrating experience for both developers and users, and we're changing that. While working together at Plaid, we witnessed the security and user experience shortcomings of password-based authentication. To solve this, Stytch is building the developer platform for authentication to enable teams to easily build experiences that delight their users.

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Modern Treasury

Announcing Our Series B

Today we’re excited to share that we raised a $38M Series B led by Altimeter. We’re excited to add Ram Woo to our Board of Directors and welcome the whole Altimeter team to the Modern Treasury family. The past year has been challenging for everyone on the planet. We count ourselves lucky that we continued growing our team and our product in partnership with 50+ customers, passing $1B reconciled on our platform.

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Tax Season 2021 with Rapidly

Taxpayers and Business clients can get started on 2020 tax preparation with a simple 3-question quiz! You will receive personalized recommendations for Rapidly Service Providers, plus software recommendations for your top financial goals.

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Multiplayer Issue Triage

Is your team tired of tedious and slow sprint planning meetings? Does the energy of everyone drop once you share your screen on Zoom? Now you can do team sprint planning in Slack with Instantish! Simply share an interactive Issue List to your #sprintplanning channel, start a thread, and go through your team's issues together. Issue Lists support filters, searching, pagination, and you can edit, close, or comment on your issues instantly. Integrates closely with GitHub Issues for maximum flexibility.

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