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We *love* bragging about founders & startups, and we want to make it easier for everyone to build in public & showcase all of the awesome stuff they're working on.

Think of this as your Ship Button 🚢 or your Launch Button 🚀. This is your public bulletin board, your fan club.

Did you just...
🎁 Release a new feature or bug-fix?
👀 Buy a new domain?
💌 Launch a new campaign?
🙌 Announce a new role on your team?
💸 Raise a new round of funding?
🥳 Even start an entire company?

Whatever it is, no matter how big or small, we want to help spread the word on what you've been building and brag about you to everyone. It doesn't have to be a tool that’s a part of your startup — you should share even if it's a side-project that's not for a company!

Yes, all you have to do is press that fun 'I Have An Announcement!' button and fill out the form. The policy is: anything that can be tweeted (announcements, updates, product launches, design changes, hiring or funding shoutouts, etc.) can be turned into free marketing for you!

New announcements will be posted here in daily cycles for the whole world to see 🌎.

Or You Can Always Email Us Your Announcements (Whatever Is Easier)

Cash App

Cash by Cash App

Introducing our apparel collection, Cash by Cash App. Explore it below. Get 25% off with your Cash Card.

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Supabase (Beta)

Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative. It is a hosted platform that provides a full Postgres database, User Authentication, OAuth logins & magic links, Realtime subscriptions, and auto-generated APIs.

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Phiona is a no-code data automation tool, with the goal to enable busy, non-technical professionals to create powerful data transformation workflows without having to learn SQL or Python. Automate recurring data tasks so you can spend precious time elsewhere.

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Stripe Treasury

Introducing Stripe Treasury—an API to embed financial services in your platform. Let your customers: 1) Manage money in interest-earning accounts, 2) Move money with ACH and wire transfers, 3) Get faster access to revenue, and 4) Spend funds with issued cards.

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Spline - Spline uses a 2d approach to make 3d design easy.

Our goal with Spline is to make 3d creation simple, low cost (no need to outsource the work), and fast. We believe design can become 3d-first in the future, so this is a step towards that direction. This is a Preview Release = bugs are coming! Would love to know your thoughts on Spline and 3d design!

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Today we're announcing a new Stir drop called "MerchWith". We paired 22 creators that have never met & asked them to collab on covid mask merch. The result: 11 unique designs with profits split automatically via Stir. Support these incredible collabs!

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Launching Sourcery Pro - Write better code faster.

Sourcery is an AI-powered coding assistant which helps you write better Python code faster. It works by providing refactoring suggestions on the fly that you can instantly integrate into your code. We've now launched Sourcery Pro, which can make bigger improvements to your code, and lets you search your whole project for suggestions.

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Side Hustle Stack

Launching Side Hustle Stack, a resource for platform-based work

Side Hustle Stack is a database of platform-based work opportunities. Discover new opportunities, leave platform reviews for future users, and get paid for doing flexible work you enjoy.

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PocketChange - Social Media That Makes Things Better LAUNCHES!

We're live on product hunt, we've released a major update on the app store, and every person who has 5+ followers in the app by Thursday night will be entered to win $1000, $500 cash and $500 to charity.

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A.I. start-up Scale now worth more than $3.5 billion and breaking even

We’re proud to announce today Scale AI's $155M Series D at a valuation of more than $3.5B led by Tiger Global. This is one small step in our journey to build the best infrastructure for AI. We could not be more excited.

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If you're building something new, let the world know below or email us!

And as always, feel free to email us at with any questions, feedback, or suggestions!

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P.S. Very explicitly this product is still *extremely early*, and we will also be using it to 'build in public' & work hard to constantly improve it for all founders & startups. With that said, thank you for being along for the ride.

Aren't we all just Building Something New?

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